Berkley Sound turned on its gear in 2003 when producer/musician Jeff Berkley created “Twelve,” the third album of Berkley Hart (of which Berkley is half) which won the San Diego Music Award for Best Americana Album in 2004.

Jeff Berkley has been making recordings and involved in the process of recording for close to twenty years working in genres including folk, alternative rock, pop, reggae/ska, jazz, hard rock, Americana, children’s, spoken word and more.

As a founding member of Berkley Hart, Citizen Band, and the Joel Rafael Band, as well as a highly sought after live and session percussionist, Berkley got his chops early. At 13, Berkley was behind the drum kit, laying down tracks on recordings that his father was producing with Andy Mingione. In junior high and high school, Berkley performed in various popular alt-rock bands in southern California. When he was just 22, he co-produced the first Joel Rafael Band album and his love for the art of production grew from there.

When you work with Jeff Berkley at Berkley Sound, you can rely on his experienced ear to help guide you through each part. He provides in-depth coaching and guidance to help you manifest the kind of takes that deftly balance between being well-played and full of the right emotion and atmosphere for the project. His organic approach and respect for the music fuels the energy to capture you, as the artist, in magical moments that will make anyone who listens to the final product feel turned on, not just to the sounds, but to the feeling that was achieved in the studio.

Berkley’s own musical career is vast and far-reaching and every interaction, on-stage and off, contributes to his expertise in the studio. In addition to extensive touring to support four studio albums and a live DVD with Berkley Hart, he’s played live with such incredible talents as Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Jim Messina, Venice, The Cages, Arlo Guthrie, Sara Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, Pete Seeger, Ben Harper, the Indigo Girls, Bruce Cockburn, Patty Griffin, Barbara Nesbitt, Trisha Yearwood, David Wilcox, Jewel, Steve Poltz, AJ Croce, Tim Flannery, Dave Howard, Gregory Page, Jason Mraz, Sean & Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek), The Coyote Problem, Cindy Lee Berryhill, John Doe, Little River Band, Stephen Bishop, Bordertown, Wooden Angel, Swamp Poets, Bug Guts, SweetTooth, John Katchur, Lisa Sanders, Lowen & Navarro, Ellis Paul, Chuck Brodsky, and more.

Berkley’s years of personal experience with live performance and in studio coupled with what he’s learned from mentors including his father (James Berkley), Mike Piersante, Ben Moore, Dennis Caplinger, Paul Dieter, Andy Mingione, Gregory Page, Sven-Eric Seaholm, John Katchur, John McBride and many others results in a fierce passion to make every moment you spend in Berkley Sound an unforgettable experience.

Known for his adept way of understanding just what will work for each individual project, Berkley is also fortunate enough to have a top-notch go-to group of veteran talent from vocalists to vibes to come in and work on the appropriate project. Some of that go-to group include Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams, Ray LaMontagne, Joan Baez), Dennis Caplinger (Eric Clapton, Chris Hillman, Emmylou Harris, Bluegrass Etc), Darryl Johnson (Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois), Brian “Nucci” Cantrell (everybody), Jim Austin (Golden Hill Ramblers, 7th Day Buskers), Wayne Nelson (Little River Band), Jim Soldi (Johnny Cash, Ricky Skaggs), Sharon Whyte (Chris Hillman), Shawn Rohlf, Rick Nash, Larry Grano, Marc Intravaia, Eve Selis, Eddie Cunningham, James East, Randi Driscoll, Marcia Claire, David Beldock and dozens more.